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  • 21 x 1/1 GN trays
  • 66mm tray spacing
  • 85kg load capacity*
  • Air-cooled condensing unit
  • 7" ergonomic touch screen with large keys for ease of use
  • Functions Soft Chill, Hard Chill, Soft Freeze, Hard Freeze, Self Adaptive Intelligent Chilling, Probe or Timer mode
  • NEW functions - Ice cream hardening, ventilation drying, multiple timers with customisable phases, raw fish sanitisation
  • 40 program cycles with favourites key - shortcuts to last 9 programs used
  • Pre-chilling cycle key to maximise efficiency
  • Automatic hold mode after each cycle
  • 3 point core temperature probe
  • Automatic fan stop when opening the door
  • Manual defrosting with automatic control of time
  • Injected polyurethane foam insulation - 60mm thick
  • * Note Load capacities may vary depending on the thermal conductivity of the food being chilled, the thickness of product and container used
  • Optional Extras (must be specified at time of order): USB connection, Printer and data transfer board, UV sterilisation lamp, Thawing and defrosting with door closed, Reduced fan speed (1 fan), FX39284955 - Pair of 304 stainless steel "U" type runners


W: 770mm D: 790mm H: 2235mm
Packed Weight: 61kg


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